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The products you'll find in this category can be given to your birds during the entire breeding season and are also suitable as an addition to the basic diet to help maintain the condition of the birds during the moulting and resting periods.

Citric Acid
Citric Acid is a natural product that is deterrent against harmful bacteria. This product is purifying for the tract of your birds. You’ll find more information on our website by products.

Properties Against harmful bacteria.
Possibilities Has a preventive impact for a good resistance.
Breedperiod 1-2 times a week, by parakeets you can use it on daily base
Moultperiod 1-2 times a week, by parakeets you can use it on daily base
Restperiod 1-2 times a week, by parakeets you can use it on daily base
Packaging 500 gram
Image Citric Acid
Sea Algae
Sea Algae is the proper product to supplement the daily feed of all your birds to prevent and cure diseases which may be caused by inadequate nutrition.

Properties It is made up of the purest Norwegian seaweed which has been properly purified.
Possibilities Seaweed is well known for its contribution in the production of pigment, improvement in the condition of the feathers and metabolism.
Breesperiod Once a day
Moultperiod Once a day
Restperiod Once a day
Packaging 500 gram
Image Sea Algae
Herbs for birds
Cagebirds have very limited choice of food. They depend entirely on what is given to them. This usually includes seeds, egg-food, vitamins supplements and some fruits or leaves. In their natural environment, birds have the abillity to eat everything according to their needs. It is well known that many plants posses medicinal properties. In nature, the majority of animals seek for these plants themselves.
A tiny amount of "Sukses" Herbs for Birds added to the bird’s daily diet takes care of all these needs.

Properties Provide the birds with all essential vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and minerals.
Possibilities Progression of the proper functioning of the bird’s body organs.
Breedperiod Once a day
Moultperiod Once a day
Restperiod Once a day
Packaging 250 gram
Image Herbs for birds
Food supplement for canaries, European birds, tropical birds, fruit and insect-eating birds, parakeets, parrots, pigeons, and other exotic birds. Vitamin B complex and Biotin are very important for the restoration of the intestinal flora and growth.

Properties This is a combination of all relevant B vitamins, vitamins C and all essential amino acids.
Applications If you give your birds “Sukses” Aminobee before and during the moulting season, the result will be an optimal condition of the plumage with an excellent luster. It improves the nervous system, muscle tissue, skin condition and the conversion of proteins. It can also be given to birds during the moulting season, to birds with growth problems, disorders of the metabolism, digestion problems or after illness.
Breedperiod Once a week
Moultperiod Once a week
Restperiod Once a week
Packaging 250 ml
Image Aminobee
Fertillity vitamines
If you are after a good breeding result, SUKSES Fertillity vitamines will offer you an extra stimulant for the fertilization of your birds.

Properties Fertillity preparation; excellent to dissolve in water.
Possibilities Promotes the fertilization of all birds. Easy absorbing in the drinking water of your birds.
Breedperiod 2 times a week
Moultperiod n.v.t.
Restperiod n.v.t.
Packaging 100 ml
Image Fertillity vitamines
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