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  • Zwartkopgroenling (man)
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With this product you'll give your red coloured birds some extra colour, and you'll receive those last extra winning points!

This red stimulating product is formulated to give a very deep red colour to red factor birds, with maximum effect to all feather parts. We advise you to add Maxi-Red in the drinking water of your birds.

Properties Promotes long retention of moisture and softness of the breeding and conditioning food, proper digestibility and absorption of colour enhancers.
Possibilities It acts as an excellent medium for distributing colouring agent in the soft food. Fortifying and Conditioning Granules are made out of superior, easy digestible type of grain that is effortless absorbed by the birds. It is excellent for feeding during the breeding season and at the time of diminished body resistance.
Breedperiod 3 times a day
Moultperiod Once a day
Restperiod Every other day
Packaging 50 and 100 gram
Image Maxi-red