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  • Bodemrooster
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  • Duivenkrachtvoer
  • Japanse Nachtegaal
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  • Voedsel Bianco Fino
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  • Zwartkopgroenling (man)
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SUKSES birdfood, products developed from 40 years of personal attention, experience and craftmenship!


Known for their high scoring canaries all over the world, Jaap de Blij and Hans Gielesen are real champion bird raisers.

To achieve this, they developed SUKSES Breeding- and Conditioning food and many other bird supplies now used by top breeders worldwide.De Blij, allready an expert on canaries since 1960, introduced his first product; Breeding- and Conditioning food on the market in 1970. Subsequently a complete SUKSES productline followed, with dyes, vitamins and washing products, all products which have been thoroughly tested on their own birds. SUKSES is by now a worldwide well-known brand name in the bird breeding community.


SUKSES products conduct for continuous development, better condition, better resistance of the birds and accomplish a good growth of new feathers. Because there is no artificial colouring conducted to the food, the bird keeps it's own pure colour. Beside this SUKSES also provides products which are specific suitable for showbirds, such as washpowders and artificial colouring products. Top breeders from the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece and Italy apply already many years the SUKSES products, which can be used besides canaries also for the raise of exotic birds, European and tropical finches, budgies, parakeets, parrots, all with excellent results!


From several prominent pigeon breeders there became more demand for the products of SUKSES and therefore SUKSES developed their products in cooperation with them, focusing on the needs for pigeons. The products provide for a good resistance, excellent performance, and a fast recovery of all types of pigeons. Because the SUKSES products are light digestible, the pigeons can eat and digest the food very easy, before and after flight. Also the youngsters grow quickly. SUKSES also contributes to good feathering with soft plumes.